Somethings about DSLR video

Recently I got an email asking me what I would do if I would give tips for DSLR filming.
Although I don’t see myself as an expert on the topic I decided to give you some of the tips I also tell during my workshop DSLR filming for beginners. They are just the basic things but hopefully they can help you out.


Please do remember that most of the videos you find on my YouTube account are put together in a rush, so most of the tips I give here are in the projects I do for clients and the videoclips we shoot, but often not in the behind the scene videos, those are just for fun and in 99% of the cases edited by our interns.

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A new video PI 2012

Professional imaging has been a while but today I will share the video on the blog we shot during this trade show.

Vlaggetjes dag Urk

Yesterday it was “vlaggetjesdag” on Urk.
A day where the local community invites people over for a peek into their trades, fleet and of course eat fish. Now if you love fish this is the time to go to Urk, well actually you have to visit Urk all the time if you like fish.

Urk once was an island and it’s main income was/is from the fishing industry. Personally I love the place, it’s the place where I will go to if I test new gear, just want to get my head clear or when I want new gear…… is also located on Urk.

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Obsessed by numbers

With some interest I’ve been following all the discussions and reviews online about the D800 vs the 5DMKIII. To be honest I think there are some very interesting things going on, I love the way the D800 handles pulling up shadows for example, but I do wonder what would have happened if for example Canon released a 33MP version instead of 22, or the D800 would have been a 24MP version instead of 36MP…. As far as I can see almost everything I wished for in the 5DMKII is now in the MKIII like better AF, more fps (always nice), better bracketing for HDR (7 over an -8 – +8 range) is awesome, better Auto ISO, better video, same output via HDMI resolution wise etc. everything is here now so I’m happy, and let’s be honest….. 22MP is more than enough for almost everything you do or ever will do.

So I wonder… all we are just falling into the deep pit of the megapixel race again and forgetting what photography is all about ?
Recently I added a comment in a thread about Medium Format vs the D800, and I did want to post that also here on my blog, feel free to add to my opinion, or if you don’t agree feel free to add your opinion.

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