The Grid with Frank Doorhof

As you might know, I’m in Tampa USA at the moment with my friends at Kelbytraining to film some new instructional videos, and of course I always wanted to be part of “The Grid” (one of my favorite shows at Kelbytv). So I was excited to be part of “The Grid” last Wednesday, and they got a topic that I loved called “bad advise”.


For the people that missed the show live…. no problem you can now watch it online at :


Google+ convention

Now this is something that got me REALLY excited and in case you did not hear about it, I thought let’s give some attention to it on my blog.

Since Google+ has been released I’ve been over the moon with the opportunities it gives photographers, and to be honest I think it’s a much better place for the more creative people that for example Facebook, everything seems to be aimed at “putting it all together” and this awesome project is one of the first in its kind. It’s a shame I’m not able to be a part of it but man I would really advise you guys to check this out and if possible visit it.

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Easter fire

It took some time due to other interesting blog posts, but I still wanted to share these images.
At Easter weekend (April 8th to be exact) we visited one of the largest Easter fires in our region, of course you don’t expect a lot but to be honest I would not want to have missed it, it was also the first time I was able to test the new 5DMKIII and see how it performed in the dark and the high contrasts, (and it did great) and let’s be honest we all love a big fire 🙂

During these kind of events I will never just shoot the fire itself only, but I also love to focus on the people and the other things that happen during the event, in this blog post just some images I took, it’s not to teach, or to share my work, it’s just a fun blog post today.

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Guestblog Leo Koach

While we’re filming new instructional videos for Kelbytraining the blog will be featuring some guestbloggers, today it’s time for Leo Koach with an interesting guestblog.


Thank you Frank for the opportunity here… I keep reading your blogs and your guests’ blogs but never thought I would be a part of it one day. I only hope that your readers will enjoy the show 😉


Very quick introduction: My name is Leo Koach (… a very long time photographer who lives in Arizona. I take photos of the school kids from kindergarten to high school every day when schools are open. I also shoot in the studio for seniors and models. I had my portrait studio in NJ and AZ in the past. I have tremendous love and passion for photography and I LEARN new things every day. I believe photography is not something that will die soon. It doesn’t matter if the cameras walk around and take photos by themselves… it’s the kind of art that will live for a long long time.


First time I saw Frank’s name in a Digital Photography Challenge website forum ( and couldn’t stop following his blogs. He is a very talented “one light source-meter using” photographer who inspires me a lot.


In this blog, I would like to talk about “composing through the view finder”.
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