Some random shots

Last weekend me and my wife travelled to Belgium to visit some clients.
Because the weather was terrible and the time schedule really hectic and tight I did not have time to go out and visit some interesting sites to shoot, but as most of you will recognize I just can’t go without taking some shots, and with the help of our friends at NIK 🙂 I think I managed to get some interesting shots which I will share with you today.


All shots were done in our hotels and on the road, when I saw something interesting we just stopped the car and took some quick shots and continued our trip. It’s not the perfect way to get shots but it’s better than not taking your camera with you, which is unthinkable for me 🙂

Here some shots from our hotel corridor.
Simple HDR from one exposure with NIK HDR (LOVE that plugin)


The image you saw at the start of the blog post was done from a low angle and also enhanced with NIK HDR, and here is another one with the same technique.

The last one was shot in the building from one of my clients.
When we went up I already saw this “party of lines” and I really had to shoot this, after some experimentation with angles I ended up loving this one best.

Hope you guys like to see something else than models 😀

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