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Apple in New York

I’m always in for cool things and let’s be honest a cool store is always nice to visit.
I think the Apple store near Central Park in New York is an almost magical place to visit as a photographer, it’s not only a huge store that is open 24/7 but it’s also (I think) a marvel of design.


The following shots I took near and in the building.
If you’re ever in NY make sure to check it out.

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Some random shots

Last weekend me and my wife travelled to Belgium to visit some clients.
Because the weather was terrible and the time schedule really hectic and tight I did not have time to go out and visit some interesting sites to shoot, but as most of you will recognize I just can’t go without taking some shots, and with the help of our friends at NIK 🙂 I think I managed to get some interesting shots which I will share with you today.

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