Yashica scans in BW

I love shooting film as you probably know by now.
On a recent trip I bought a Yashica TLR camera (124 mat) and have been using this a lot lately during travel, the advantage is that it’s a really “small” camera but shoots 6×6 film so you get an amazing quality, also the lens is incredibly sharp so the results are awesome so to say 🙂


All images are shot with natural light.
Now a lot of people ask me “why film, is it better than digital?”
Well let me put it this way, No it’s not better than digital, but it’s different.
And that’s the main reason I shoot film, the look is so different from digital that for me it’s another way to present my work, plus I just love the whole “magic” of developing/scanning your images and see what you got a few days after you shot it, it forces you think even more than you do with digital.


Today I show you some of the BW film I shot during the UK tour.
I did all the developing at home, after a night of drying the photos are scanned with a Reflecta MF5000 with Silverfast software. Especially the software with which you scan is incredibly important because in essence that’s your “raw developer” but it does much more, and I found Silverfast to be superior to other solutions.UK tour 2014 BW Yashica   (4 of 24)

UK tour 2014 BW Yashica   (6 of 24)

UK tour 2014 BW Yashica   (15 of 24)

UK tour 2014 BW Yashica   (21 of 24)