Aimed light

One of the most difficult things to do is really aiming your light.
In a lot of workshops you will see big soft boxes aimed at the model from a moderate distance, this is of course very understandable for the simple reason that in fact you really can’t go wrong…. however the resulting image is often “a bit flat” and not that interesting lighting wise.


A next step is using smaller light sources like striplights or for example a beauty dish with grid.
For example in this shot I used a small striplight.

Roosmarijn Mei 22 2014  (73 of 155)-Edit

It can get way more interesting however when we start lighting our model from the back and creating a very dark front. Now normally one would let the model look upward to catch some light, but often that doesn’t really result in the image you want, a model looking towards the camera always has a little bit more….. connection, especially with glamour.


In the next shot I used a beauty dish from the back and lit the models face with a very small light source, in this case a snoot with grid.

Roosmarijn Mei 22 2014  (66 of 155)-Edit

As you can see it immediately gives you a totally different look.
So don’t be afraid to really start playing with your light and use shoots or very small light sources to pinpoint the attention of your viewer, you will see that it gets way more interesting very quickly, but…. it’s also a lot more difficult of course.