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How to work with your models

Let me first say that some of this blogpost should be read with a big “tongue in cheek” approach.
Although the text I use will be serious, the images will not be 🙂
Recently I did a demo day for Leaf at the Eyes On Media shop location and during this kind of demos I love to work with Nadine, she is without a doubt one of those models that can show many different looks and expressions during a day. She is also a model I use a lot during the workshops and I guess she listened very good when I explained how to work with models during the workshops (which is a standard part of the workshops). Because together with her sister she created a very funny first style I had to shoot, and as you will very soon see this series inspired me to write this blog post. I want to thank Anastasia (Nadine’s sister) for creating the artwork for this blog post.

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