Video clip Yvon : Friends

A while ago I decided it was time to add motion to our portfolio.
Some of you might know that I already filmed for a long time, but never serious, always only during trips, holidays, special occasions etc. When I started doing photography more serious somehow video moved to the back, but I still loved doing motion. In todays world I think to survive as a photographer you will have to add motion to your portfolio, in 10 years time the market will be changed a LOT and motion will probably be a normal part of everyday work in a “photo” studio, moving covers, moving images in a fashion spread on the iPad10 (or android or whatever) will be just as normal as we now see steady images.


I could of course stop there but somehow I always want more, so I decided to do 5 videoclips for my own portfolio, so that means “FOR FREE”, some artists responded and I do have to add I’m picky for what I choose. I wanted a pop song, a rap song, a pop ballad and a Rock or Metal song so doing almost every genre I love. Today you see clip 3 in my adventure into video editing and filming.

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Guestblog Wendy Appelman about a videoclip

Regular readers will know Wendy Appelman of course.
For people just joining the blog, Wendy is my assistant and works with me within studioFD, she is responsible for organizing stuff, some retouching and she does a huge part of the model for a day program, and of course she helps out with the photoshoots we do. Recently we did a videoclip shoot for a Dutch rap artist Farell/Yung C. I already blogged about this, but today you can see it from a different angle when Wendy takes the blog over for a day 🙂

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