Backstage video Stephanie session

Yesterdays blog post showed you the images.
Todays blog post shows you the backstage video we shot.
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Final Cut Pro X, a photographers first look

Well ok, as mentioned yesterday I “was” pretty excited about the new Final Cut Pro X.
And rest assure I’m still very excited about it.
This is in no way a review of any kind, but merely a first look for me as a photographer with some experience with both Final cut Pro and iMovie.
Do please read this as a FIRST LOOK, simply put some things I might write down are simply things I maybe do wrong or don’t understand yet, so feel absolutely free to add to this blog post.

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Final Cut Pro X has been released, first ideas and discussions

Yesterday it was finally there, Final Cut Pro X.
I’ve been using Final Cut Pro for some time and experimented a bit with Adobe Premiere (which to be honest looks promising but somehow doesn’t click with me). In the last few months however I must admit that I’ve been more and more drifting towards iMovie (don’t laugh but read on).


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Video Marie for Pocketwizard review

As you have probably read the last few days I’ve been testing the Pocketwizard system for radio E-TTL.
This video was shot during the session from which you have seen the images in yesterdays blog post.
I’ve added a voice over to make some things more clear, don’t see it as an instructional video but in combination with the review. If there are any questions feel free to ask. I will keep using the system and add sessions and small descriptions (and maybe some more videos if you guys like them) in the coming weeks.

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