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Many different looks from one setup

Often I’m asked what kind of setups I use and what kind of modifiers.
What people often don’t realize is that with only one modifier you can chance a lot just by playing with the angles and controlling the contrast/lightfall off. In fact placing a light closer or further away also makes a huge impact on the image look, add to this the option to feather a light source (using the sides of the light) and you know that there is a lot possible with one modifier and light.


It gets even more interesting when you are combining two strobes and for example add a gel to one of them.
During the workshop this weekend I made a setup like this with our model Lennaa and decided it would be a cool thing to share on the blog.


I started out with one strobe with a red gel.

Lenaa Juli 25 20142025

To get a bit more “punch” in the image I added another strobe without gel under the same angle to mix the two.

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Just between two walls

“My studio is not big enough”
“I can’t shoot full bodies because….”


Well we all heard the excuses, or maybe even used them ourselves.
In reality however it’s often much less dramatic than one might think, often it’s just a matter of being creative with the area you have available, don’t just think about shooting full bodies (or whatever) against seamless where you have to have the model 2-3 mtrs from the background (although close to the seamless can be very interesting as I will show in another blog post), but think about what you can do with small spaces, and trust me, often the smaller the space the more interesting it can get.


In these shots I shot the model in between two walls in our studio, it’s just a small area where we normally walk on the stage, it’s tight and not really an area where you would think you would shoot, but when we prepared the studio with walls I did let the painters paint the walls because I thought I saw the potential… 😀 in the end it indeed is one of my favorite spots.


Roosmarijn Mei 22 2014  (57 of 155)-Edit-Edit

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Platja d’aro outside workshops Part I

The second day in Platja d’aro it was time for the outside part of the workshops.
We used a beautiful location very close to the “home base” where I taught the seminar the day before.


What you see today is the series I shot with strobes, in another blog post I will share the natural light shots.
I have to be honest, I would have loved to shoot some more but because in this workshop the idea was to give the group a large amount of time to shoot themselves my time was very limited, I think however we ended up with some pretty cool results 😀


Platjo d aro workshops Mei 2014 (129 of 196)

Platjo d aro workshops Mei 2014 (67 of 196)-Edit

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BTS video from the Dutch introduction of the Elinchrom ELC strobes

Today a small BTS video we shot during the Dutch press introduction of the new Elinchrom ELC strobes