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Always shoot….

During trips it’s often travel, travel, travel….
And what do you do during travel?
Well you can of course work on a new book :D, do some surfing (if you have internet) or…. well what I love to do is do something that will get me some cool images, and when you have a model traveling with you it’s easy of course.


Sometimes you think “this location is not interesting enough” and you don’t shoot, but I’m 100% honest when I say that almost every location can be interesting if you use the proper angle to shoot it from, or use the “elements” that are available. In this case we were on the ferry to the UK and it was very windy (as usual) so I worked a lot with the hair of my model.


All shot are done with the Sony A7r and the Sigma 35mm 1.4 and Minolta 85mm
Editing in Capture One

Marie Juni 7 2014 aan boord 1

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Working with a necklace

In a previous blogpost I talked about using hair as a prop, but we can go one step further.
Make sure you have some different necklaces in your studio and let your model play with it, you can start a little bit simple.

Marie Mei 30 2014 (76 of 119)-Edit

But you can also make it a bit more….. wild 😀

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Shoots with impact

Often people ask me “Frank, how do I create a shot with more impact?”
My answer is often incredibly simple “Shoot something with impact”


Sound obvious right?
Well it actually is to be honest, it’s an answer that is used so many times by the great photographers in the world, “if you think your images are not interesting enough, make sure you shoot something that interesting”. For model photography that means I love to work with strong colors, and my personal preference…..well red.


So today some images “with impact” shot during a session with Nadine.

Nadine Maart 7 2014 (2 of 130)-Edit

Now the real fun starts when you add a little bit of motion.

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BTS Mill session

Today a small BTS video shot by Annewiek during a shoot we did in a great location.