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Digital classroom Small flash

Digital classroom is a live broadcast from our studio which we do every month for free.
I started digital classroom to introduce people a bit to what we do with our instructional videos and workshops, of course these go more in depth and are a bit more technical but for a free broadcast I strongly believe it’s a great educational tool.


Digital classroom is not possible to create without the help from some sponsors of course, so we are very grateful for our friends at BenQ and Rogue/Expo imaging to help us out with this.


This time the theme of the Digital classroom is “using small flash”.
It’s a 2 hour instructional video so take your time, sit back, grab your notepad and enjoy.

Digital Classroom July 1

Today we finished the second broadcast of our digital classroom project.
In this project I try to bridge the cap between the videos and the normal workshops.
In the videos you watch and learn but in workshops you can have a great interaction with our team to ask whatever questions you want and I will incorporate that into the workshop and because we work with smaller groups during the workshops that is an even greater learning experience, but there was absolutely nothing in between so… we created “Digital classroom”.


In “Digital classroom” we stream live from our studio and I show different techniques on both lighting, working with the model and of course retouching (and much more). Now setting something like this up takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money so we are incredibly grateful to have the support of BenQ and Rogue as our main sponsors to make this possible, but also thanks to CameraNu.nl and LedGo we now have proper lighting on set (also not unimportant).


Because we use Google+ for the broadcast people can ask questions during the broadcast which (if possible) will be answered on the spot, another advantage is that as soon as the broadcast stops it’s available for those who missed it….. so here you go enjoy the “Digital classroom” from July 1st.
The next one will be on August 26.

Some images from Sharon

Today some images from Sharon I shot during a workshop small flash.
Sharon Mei 31 2014  (4 of 101)-EditThis image was shot with just the bare strobe, nothing more.
I love the look of the shadow on the background, a lot of people are afraid of shadows but for me they create the mood and let’s be honest without shadows there is no three dimensionality 😀

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Cherelle small flash

A few months ago I started teaching the small flash workshop.
I did use small flash before this of course but somehow never taught a workshop about it, until I talked a bit with Joe McNally who pointed out to me that there was a lot of interest for small flash workshops in a more technical approach, and because I’m a strong believer in understanding what’s going on when you shoot I decided to write a workshop that does not only tell you about ETTL and show some light setups, but a workshop that tells you where ETTL goes wrong and how you can solve this, but also how to shoot (and meter) for full manual mode, and of course how to use creative light setups, groups, ratios etc.

Last week it was time for Cherelle to be my model for the small flash workshop.
In this blog post some more information about the techniques, gear and of course some of my favorite shots from that day.


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