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Strobist masterclass Kamera Express

For me teaching workshops on locations is one of the most challenging and rewarding things I do, it forces me to do things differently and see things in a fresh and new way. That’s also one of the things I always try to teach my students, know your gear and theory so you can shoot in any possible situation and deliver a good image. I’m therefore a big supporter of the idea that shooting on locations at least once every week or so will force the photographer to grow much faster than if he/she only shoots in the well known area of their studios. Because of the workshops I teach I’m often asked by companies and clubs to do the workshops in their (or an arranged) location and as you might have guessed it’s always something I really enjoy.

March 6th it was time for the Kamera Express workshops with as theme, “Strobist”.
You might have noticed that there is a lot of strobist stuff going on lately with me and that’s true. I’ve always been a huge fan of “big flash” but after a nice chat with Joe McNally (who pushed me into “small flash”) I decided it was also time to add the “small flash” or so called strobist way of using flash into my workshops. However I try to do it slightly different, in this blog post I take you backstage with the workshops I did for Kamera Express, you can see the backstage video at the end of the blog post (or now) and you can see my favorite shots of the day. I will also explain the techniques and vision behind the shots.

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Glamour with a twist (NSFW)

Today Tamlyn was our model for the Glamour workshop.
The glamour workshops are most of the time the workshop were we have room to experiment with different methods of lighting, but also with concepts and of course accessories. For today I decided to use some materials with reflective and translucent qualities. By using these low cost materials I was hoping to trigger the students to think about lighting in a totally different way.

The most heard “complaint” I hear from students is that they are stuck with the same lightsetups, the same kind of models and are simply put not going forward. With the workshops I can of course teach people how to understand the theory behind light, and show things like measuring etc. But sometimes the students need something more, or as you could say a different view on light and shooting. As mentioned glamour is the perfect workshop for this, so let’s see what we’ve done today.

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Amarens backstage video

As promised, the backstage video we shot during the Amarens photoshoot last week.
See the blog post here : https://frankdoorhof.com/web/?p=1253
As always feel free to comment and share.
Remember these videos are made just for fun to give you the visitors of this blog a glimpse backstage.

Workshop with motion and Marie

Last Friday it was time for another Advanced workshop.
In the advanced workshops a lot of attention is given to the start of posing, in the workshops I and II there is a lot of attention for technique and the theory behind “getting the shot”, in the advanced series (including glamour) there is much more attention for nailing that shot by working together with the model for movement and expression.

Originally Stephanie was planned as the model but late thursday night I got a call that she was too sick to be there, so there were some panic moments as you can imagine, how to replace a model last minute…. well this is why it’s important to have a good network (and even than I have to admit I was terrified I would not find a good replacement). One of my first choices was Marie and lucky for me (and the group) she changed her schedule and was ready to rock….. And she did.

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