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Episode 1 of the DOORhof is always open

Today is an exciting day, I just finished uploading the very first full length episode of our brandnew videopodcast called “The DOORhof is always open”.
ADDED : You can now also find the podcast in the iTunes store at http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-doorhof-is-always-open/id542659551?l=en


I’ve been the guest on many videopodcasts and always loved the way you could interact with the guests, the audience etc. but having my own was just an idea that stayed in my mind and I never thought about doing it. However as our company grows we also have some more help with editing and filming, meaning I don’t have to do everything myself any more, and this made me realize that making my own video podcast now would be possible.


The first thing you have to start thinking about is topics…. I don’t just want to sit there and stare into a camera and mumble something about stuff you guys already read on my blog, so I decided to choose different topics per video podcast, and because you already know (via the blog) what I do and think I thought it would be cool to have some guests with me each podcast. Now this means we have to come up with ideas, and this is were you guys can play a role, let me know what you want and I’ll add it to the list and who knows. If you’re an expert on analogue photography, landscapes, architecture etc. and want to invite me over to learn me (and the viewers) about your passion also just contact me and we will try to plan a visit (preferable in the Netherlands).


For the first podcast I took a topic that I’ve grown very fond off over the last few months, Streetphotography.
You will see 2 small videos on street photography I did, a store visit where we visit our friends at CameraNU.nl and a photocritique by me and 2 of the guys from CameraNU.nl


More on Ruud at : http://vanderlubbenfotografie.wordpress.com/
More on Brian at : http://dragtstra.com/
And of course info about the store at : http://www.cameraNU.nl


Remember this is the first ever episode so be gentle, it will get beter over time.
It’s free, it’s edited by our interns and my assistant (both not full time professional editors/filmers)
The sound we are working on, and will improve.
Many thanks by the way to Aletta Armee for designing our Logo and leaders (YOU ROCK).
So here it is….
Feel free to share the link (please do) and let me know what you think.

Article for digital photography school

I don’t do a lot of guestblogs at the moment because simply put time is limited (very limited). But sometimes I make an exception, and so it happened that I did this blog post for the Digital Photography School. It’s my 3 tips to become a better photographer, of course there are many many more, but these 3 will make a good start 🙂


Leaf Credo first impressions

Before you start reading I have to make a few things clear.
I got my Credo last Friday night, so I’ve shot 1 session with it and a few loose shots (but put it thought it’s paces), I hate to do reviews like this to be honest if they are too technical, that’s why you will hardly find any 100% crops of resolution charts with my reviews, I just tell you how I think about the product. And of course you can ask whatever you want 🙂


In the market of digital photography it’s always interesting to see what manufactures come up with to draw the people to the stores and buy their newest gear. In the Medium format market it’s a bit more “relaxed” than in the DSLR market. Most medium format cameras are used in controlled areas like studios or with strobes on location so for example the whole high ISO race is of less importance (I do have to add that I don’t agree with this, I would love a digital back that can shoot noiseless ISO1600).


Somehow when we compare the medium format cameras and backs to modern DSLRs one could easily say that medium format is not interesting anymore, and with the release of the Nikon D800(E) a lot of people even claimed that medium format was “dead”, I was even interviewed by a magazine about the release of the D800 and the interviewer was surprised that my answer was that, although I love the way the development goes for DLRs, I really did not think you can compare a medium format camera with a DSLR, it’s all about the term “horses for course”. Now I hear you ask “Really, come on Frank”. So let me explain.

Let’s just only look at the sensor size, a medium format sensor like the Credo60 measures 53.9 x 40.4 mm while for example the Nikon D800(E) “only” is 24 x 35.9 mm which is a huge difference. Now what does that mean ? (and yes after that I do the review of the Credo 60).

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Who needs expensive lights

You know….. sometimes we are so caught up in our work that we forget to think about how things can be different. We as humans are “beasts of habit” meaning that we will figure something out, and if that something works really well for us we will always get back to that. And we photographers… well sorry to say it…. we are also that way.


That’s why sometimes it’s so incredibly important to make sure that you do a what I call “hard reset” and don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you guys (and girls) to bang your head against the wall until you pass out and wake up, so please don’t do that. What I do mean is that you should sometimes literally just pull the plug out of your strobes, put everything aside that has anything to do with “studio technique” and get back to the basics. Learn how to “see the light” but most of all “to understand the light”. And there is hardly any better tool to do this than the good old fashioned (and oops indeed it’s old fashioned, we stocked up on some because over here they are not sold anymore in the higher watts) lightbulb.


During the glamour workshop I will often grab my lighbulb fixture, it was the most bare bone fixture I could buy, and hang it from a boom stand, tell the students “this is the new setup” and watch how their jaws drop and their expressions go like “the what, the who, are you nuts”….. well yes and no (but you already know that). No really…. a lightbulb when used the right way is one of the most awesome light sources there is. So in this blog post some explanation and images from that simple lightbulb session….

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