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2 black and whites and some tips

During studio sessions it’s always difficult to find something new in let’s say a portrait.
Now let’s be honest… we all know the mom and pop images, just a standard portrait that you see almost every where on the wall, why? well simply put it’s the shot of a child/family member you know.


But why not just go a little bit further.
I hear you say… “well because I’m not working with a model”
Well I hear you, working with a model has it’s benefits of course, but the following two shots could have also been shot with a client that is not a model, actually even the light setups are very simple.


In the first shot I use a small beauty dish with grid as my main light and added the strong black and white effect in PS with Silverfx 2.
Manon Februari 15 Eersel (36 of 41)-Edit

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Kimberley free work session

A few years ago I never wanted to work with an intern, I thought I would work faster without one. However the appeal of having someone that could help me out with the work that was eating away time from the creative stuff also called out to me, so finally I decided it was maybe time to start using interns.

In our studio I will invite one intern for a period of 20-30 weeks and they will be my assistant for that period, meaning they will help out with photoshoots, workshops etc. but also do the basic video editing and some more routine Photoshop work, this week we had a special intern, a one day “snuffel stage”. Because of this I decided it would be fun to invite a new model over and make a creative day in the studio were we could play a bit with styling and concepts and just have some fun. The following images are the result of that day.

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