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Tip about posing and motion

Often people think that when you shoot an image you have to “pose” the model, and although this is true in some cases, for me it often works best to let the model pose “freely” let her/him find the poses that are comfortable and from there on I will slightly adjust the pose to make it “work” for me.
Adding motion brings in a whole new dimension, don’t let the model jump, but ask her to very slightly move her body away from the floor (yeah I know it sounds weird) this will not only give her/him a good laugh but also actually says exactly what she/he has to do.
Now if the model has a problem with the mouth (often it can be a bit “weird”) tell them to scream (without making sound) or shout “Shabang” (LOL) this will help enormously with relaxing the mouth or in other words not making it look funky.


An extra benefit of the small “jumps” is that it can also be done with strobes that have a slightly slower flash duration or if the model is wearing high-heels, because trust me… you don’t want a model to jump high with high-heels…. well actually the jump is not the problem but the coming down 😀


Good luck.
Manon October 3 2014 0874

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If I had to choose one type of shoots I really like the most….. for me that would be working with dancers.
Now don’t get me wrong I love shooting celebrities for their character and models for their poses, good looks etc. but when working with dancers it just brings something completely new to the table, action, motion but most of all power and passion.


All the dancers I’ve worked with so far are passionate about what they do, when you ask them to jump they don’t say “but will I look good” but they just jump and give you the best performance they can, if you want a jump to look about the same twice… no problem (for most), but most of all…. most dancers (or performing artists) will also bring you creativity, they will not just jump but they will help you as a photographer to tell a story.


Photography is acting on a 1/5000 of a second, freezing an unique moment in time that will never come back the same way and with dancers this is all maximized in one shoot. So when I was looking for “models” for a 2 day 1:1 workshop with the theme motion, my first idea was of course “dancers”. Thanks to the power of social media I got into contact with this duo, Marvin and Sharda, two amazingly talented people and very enthusiastic. Today some of the images from that workshop.


Marvin en Sharda Maart 12 2014 (39 of 69)-Edit

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Don’t be afraid to go wide

Often you hear the question “what’s the best lens for….”
In my opinion there is not really a best allround lens…. it all depends on creativity, what you want and what you need.
In model photography often wide angles are labeled as “not done” and I can understand this, a wide angle distorts the image (if you’re not careful) and it’s not a lens that will be great for model separation from the background.


However having said that… the wide angle can be awesome for some special effect shots, for example lay on the floor and let the model jump very close to you and you can get some pretty funky stuff like this shot we did with Manon during the workshops in Studio76 this weekend.

Manon Februari 15 Eersel (13 of 41)-EditSo although people say “don’t” always try to find a solution in which you say “it will work”, this will make your work stand out from the crowd because somehow now a days a lot of people just believe what’s being told online and don’t even try it anymore, be smarter 😀


New images Bianca

Last week Bianca was in our studio for a photoshoot.
I’ve been shooting with Bianca for over 6 years and although she does not visit regularly we always try to do at least one session a year 😀 Today some of my favorite images from the session.

Color editing is done by DxO by the way, DxO optics and Filmpack 3.
I’m more and more beginning to love that combination, LOADS of options and possibilities.

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