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Results Day 1 Platja D Aro workshops

Last week we visited the beautiful Platja D Aro to teach two workshops for their yearly Photographic festival.
Now let me tell you firstly that I love Platja D Aro, it’s not only an awesome location with many great sightseeing areas close by but also the people are really relaxed and friendly, so we were looking forward to it when they asked us back for this year, but it’s not only that of course, I always want to go home with some cool shots and we had some cool locations this time.


The shots I show today were taken during day 1 in the Castle.
All shots were done with Elinchrom RX packs.


Many thanks to :

Muriel de Jong
La Terrassa hotel & spa

Castell-Platja d’Aro
Cromalite: Elinchrom
Trendy models
Piubella models agency
Monica Salvarani make up and styling  (make up sponsored by gothic.com)
our Translaters
Jordi Clopés
Obsession clothing and shoes

Platja D Aro May 8 2015  0228 1

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Anna during a workshop with the new Elinchrom Quadra ELB400

Elinchrom just released their new Quadra ELB400.
We got the chance to play with it for a while and a review will follow soon, but today some images I shot outside with Anna during a workshop.
First image is natural light, the other is with the new Quadra.


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The Elinchrom FS30 as a prop

During the small workshop from last week we did one setup where I used the Elinchrom FS30 as a prop.
We lit Manon with the modeling light of an ELC 1000 strobe.
To give accent to the side of the FS30 I used one Lastolite Switch box II Large fitted with a Phottix Mitros+ strobe.
To light the smoke a bare strobe was used, also a Phottix Mitros+.

Both strobes were balanced with a Rogue CTO gel to balance them towards the modeling light of the ELC.

In post I tinted the images with a blue tint.

Manon April 25 2015   0073

Manon April 25 2015   0087

Workshop  0553 1

Workshop  0553

Manon April 25 2015   0090


First samples LiteMotiv from Elinchrom

Today some of the first samples I took with the new Elinchrom LiteMotiv 1.20mtrs.
The LiteMotiv is a new series of modifiers from Elinchrom that give you nice directional light with a “bang”.
I mostly use these kind of modifiers without any inner diffusion to give it an extra “edge” and I must say I LOVE the LiteMotiv 1.20 it replaced my indirect 1.50 octa from Elinchrom almost instantly when it arrived, don’t get me wrong I still love the 1.50 indirect but the LiteMotiv is just a bit more contrasty and that’s what I love about it. I can’t wait for Elinchrom to create maybe even a few smaller ones which I think would be ROCKING for portraits or half bodies.


At the moment the LiteMotiv is available in 1.90mtrs and 1.20mtrs we have both in our studio so expect some samples from the 1.90 soon also, but today some of the 1.20.


Models : Lenaa and Nadine
Styling : Nadine

Workshop  28688

Lenaa April 24 2015   0082

Lenaa April 24 2015   0086

Nadine April 24 2015   0062 1

Nadine en Lenaa April 24 2015   0009

Nadine en Lenaa April 24 2015   0018



Lenaa April 24 2015   0072