Elinchrom LiteMotiv sample

A lot of people have asked me about my ideas on the Elinchrom LiteMotiv.
I won’t make a review on this modifier for the simple reason…what’s there to tell you guys except how it looks and let’s be honest you can see that online right?


What I will tell you, and show you is some of the samples I made with it and what it can do.


In this sample I placed our model Manon straight between our custom background which was placed in a very sharp V shape.
The only light used was the LiteMotiv 1.50 direct without any diffusion material. Retouch was done in Photoshop with mostly just adding some MacPhun Intensify (and a very slight vignette).


What I like about the LiteMotiv can be clearly seen in this shot.
The light quality is different from a large softbox, it has more “pop” or “bite” as I love to call it. And because the box is almost round you can even play with some awesome vignetting when you feather the light (something I did not do here).


Overall I think Elinchrom placed a very interesting product on the market which will have a large draw on fashion shooters like myself and people that just don’t like that overly soft image quality but want something a bit more “poppy” 😀

Manon Juni 13 2015 1167