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New instructional video : Live in the UK 2013

With pride I can announce that today sees the release of our new instructional video :
Live in the UK 2013 : One light can be more than enough.

This video is loaded with tips on model photography and was shot on two stunning locations, the glasshouse in Edinburgh and Studley castle in the UK.
Join the group of students in the workshop and see the video in full 1080HD filmed from different angles so you can really see what’s going on.

Topics covered include :
Metering for ambient and flash (Including the tricky spot metering), coaching the model, finding the right location, working with angles, story telling, styling, coaching the model, how clothing can have a huge impact, vintage lenses on modern DSLRs, composition, finding lines and repeating patterns, using the background, dragging the shutter (using the shutter speed to control the ambient) and much much more….

In the video you see me working with just one strobe and ambient light, you will see that in most cases you really don’t need more. Also on the modifiers we kept it really simple this time no big soft boxes (of course) but nice smaller modifiers that really give the image some POP.

When we release a new video it always have to add something to the videos we already have online and trust me… this one will give you enough tips and inspiration to get you going for a long time.

You can now download the video from https://frankdoorhof.com/web/shop-videos-etc/direct-video-downloads/

Pricing is set on EU 35.00
Run time is app 90 minutes

live in the UK

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Light please…..

Light is our language, it’s what we use to tell our stories…..
Now there is always a lot of debate about which lights to use, what brand, what quality, what soft box etc.
In reality however light can be used from almost everything, as long as you understand what it does and how it behaves you can actually create the looks you want with…. well even a simple lightbulb.


During the workshop working on location we normally go outside (on location) but because of the predictable Dutch weather (meaning loads of rain that day) we decided to stay inside the studio and “mimic” a location. One of the things I show during this workshop is working with available light, so how did we solve this in the studio? well by using a very simple household lightbulb.


The next images are all shot with just that one single lightbulb.
So the next time you do a photoshoot don’t think that you need the most expensive gear, but play around with something simple, maybe something wonderful will come out.


Model/styling : Nadine

Nadine Februari 7 2014 (2 of 297)-Edit

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Video with Polaroid

Last week Sharon and I visited a good friend and fellow photographer Pim van der Maden in his studio, which actually is very close to our studio (walking distance). Pim and I talked a few months ago about a large format Polaroid he still owned but hardly used anymore, I immediately got the idea that it would be cool to show you guys a small video in which Pim would explain how he worked with this camera.

When we started working with the camera the talk however soon became much more than just about the Polaroid, we just kept the camera rolling and decided we would edit it into a small “podcast” “interview on location” “instructional” video. And today you can see the video here on the blog. I hope you enjoy it, and even if you’re not into Polaroids (who isn’t ?) I think there are some very interesting things there that you can use in your own photography.

Many thanks to Emma, Pim and Sharon.
Visit Pim at his site : http://www.pimvandermaden.com


Working with backgrounds in the studio

Ok I promised to to blog till Monday, but hey…..

I decided to do an in between blog post about some of the questions that were asked in the last few days, so let’s go.

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