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Lois in black and white

Yesterday we did a special black and white livestream for our friends from photowhoa and I promised to show the results

These where shot during a 90 minute livestream with our model Lois.

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Ps. don’t you just love how the background works here? It’s the clickpropsbackdrops navy antique wall

Because black and white can be stunning

During the editing process of images it’s always a hard choice for me to go for BW or color…
So most of the times I just select BW and often love what I see, but then I go back to color…. well and I also love what I see.
Some images however are “born” to be BW, like the image on top from Danique.

The other two images I’m still in doubt about, but hey we live in the digital age so why not have them both 😀
Do you always struggle between BW and color?
And what’s your preferred way of solving the dilemma?

Now some images I intentionally shoot to be BW and that’s easy for the simple reason we already start with BW in our mind. So makeup, clothing, background etc. is all setup for the conversion. But sometimes it’s more difficult.

Danique June 17 2016 1575 bw

Danique June 17 2016 1575

Tonality from MacPhun video

One of the things I always love it playing with new software, being it plugins or apps, it’s always nice to see if a piece of software can give you a boost in workflow or simply give you a new/better/faster way to make your images stand out.


Now there are some great BW converters out there, I love Alien Skin Exposure, SilverFx and DxO filmpack so when the guys from MacPhun asked me to testrun their newest app called Tonality (in base a BW convertor) I was very curious what they could add to the market with their app, but after some weeks of test-driving Tonality I can tell you that it ROCKS, the interface is very easy to understand but most of all the options you have to really custom make the look you want for your image is awesome. I’m 100% sure you’re gonna love it.

As with all MacPhun software it’s for Mac only, it will work as a plugin in for Lr, Photoshop but also as a standalone.

You can order it here :

Congratulations to our buddies at MacPhun for releasing another awesome app.


And here is my video on Tonality Pro.
As you can see I don’t use the layers option, this is something I do use in Photoshop, but if you want it in the software it’s there.

Think in a different way

I’m love color.
Don’t ask me why but when ever I shoot I seem to think in color, but I also have to add that I LOVE black and whites, often when I shoot I think about a powerful black and white conversion, but somehow when I’m doing my retouch I love the black and white conversion but in the end almost always still choose the color version.

Now it’s a fact that you have to beware not to get stuck in one style….. so I thought let’s do a blog post about this.

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