Because black and white can be stunning

During the editing process of images it’s always a hard choice for me to go for BW or color…
So most of the times I just select BW and often love what I see, but then I go back to color…. well and I also love what I see.
Some images however are “born” to be BW, like the image on top from Danique.

The other two images I’m still in doubt about, but hey we live in the digital age so why not have them both 😀
Do you always struggle between BW and color?
And what’s your preferred way of solving the dilemma?

Now some images I intentionally shoot to be BW and that’s easy for the simple reason we already start with BW in our mind. So makeup, clothing, background etc. is all setup for the conversion. But sometimes it’s more difficult.

Danique June 17 2016 1575 bw

Danique June 17 2016 1575