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Some news from StudioFD

I’m sitting here with a special person while I’m writing this 😀 You might wonder who………. As you might have noticed it’s getting very busy over here at StudioFD and that means I have to let some assignments go which I would normally would love to do, so we decided it was time for some […]

Whatever you want…… (well…..)

As you might have noticed I’ve been building this blog since last year (when my page was a static one) and it has grown explosively, many thanks for that. The last month the visitor numbers have doubled since the month before, so keep spreading the word. Maybe it’s nice to experiment with something, let’s give […]

What to need when ?

Maybe the most asked question I get is : “Frank what should I buy ? a ranger, quadra or speedlights”. Because we start the workshop small flash in February I think it’s maybe also wise to add a small blog post about this dilemma a lot of photographers struggle with.

Phase One news….

Ok, now this is something worth sharing 😀 Today Phase One introduced a completely new digital back, and what a beauty it is. I know I’m a big advocate for the Leaf digital backs, and I hope Leaf will also release something similar in the 33MP range (80 is a bit overkill for me) but […]