Day 2 Professional Imaging 2011

Today it was the second day of the Professional Imaging 2011.
Were in previous years this was a slow day it was now as busy as probably last years busiest day, this year must break all records. The atmosphere is great and the seminars are great, I greatly enjoyed myself today with some hilarious moments 😀

Matt is still rocking the compositing seminar and I can’t wait to start trying some of that stuff myself, as mentioned before it’s not something I did a lot before but hanging around with Matt a few days has changed my mind (a bit) and at least I’m gone play with it some more, would make my work a lot easier in some cases. We did try something more edgy light for the evening session and will repeat that for tomorrows show, I won’t give away too much but it’s a great composite.
Also today I shot all my sessions with the new Leaf Aptus12.
This 80mp digital back is without a doubt stunning and very very detailed, love looking at the files and they come in rather quick on the new MacBook pro, which by the way is wickedly fast, a HUGE step up from the previous version.

As yesterday there were a lot of people visiting my workshops and I’m stunned by the increase of traffic compared to previous years, we are causing major blockages in the area of our booth :D. Today I did find some times to visit our sponsors at Lowepro, Epson, Onone and Nik (you REALLY have to check out their new SilverFX2.0 and HDR, it rocks). The times today were from 10:00-22:00 so I hope you guys don’t mind if I just show the video for today.
I will try to post another blog post tomorrow, with the last video.

I will be giving away some signed magazines tomorrow with a masterclass, if you are on the booth before 11:00 AM and tell me you follow the blog you will get one (until we run out).

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  1. Hans van Eijsden
    Hans van Eijsden says:

    Thanks for answering my question about soft-edge-transfers in high-contrast areas.
    Indeed, the outer diffusor did the trick! Very simple, so it saves me a lot of post processing time now to get the same, or better results. 🙂

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