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Using props

I love using props in sessions.In this case a “fake” famous microphone and as you can see it adds a lot to the session. Not only because it looks nice. But also because the model can now do a lot more with Expression and poses. But you don’t have to use a microphone of course. […]

Black Friday with Topaz Labs

Black Friday with Topaz Labs Black Friday is arriving early this year!  The Black Friday promo of Topaz has just been launched. And it is the biggest sale of the year. You’ll get 60% off the Ultimate Bundle, including 1 year upgrades The Bundle includes Video AI 4, Photo AI 4, Gigapixel AI, DeNoise AI, and […]

Telling stories in Borne

One of the workshops I absolutely love to teach is the “Working in an unknown situation and telling stories” workshop. In this workshop, I’m using the location where I teach as my background, decor, set, etc. The cool thing is that every single workshop is different and covers different subjects due to changing situations. Photographing […]

Replay of the last digital classroom

“The Photos that Inspired Me” Frank practically grew up in the Doka of his grandparents. They were early adaptors and had advanced photo and video equipment. A lot of material has been saved and we are still working on digitalizing all the slides. But life moved on, Frank found interest in computers and built a […]