Using unusual props to train creativity

Train your Creativity


We are having some fun with a #guitarpedal from #rjamps with Nadine.

One of the best tips I can give. 
Using jewelry, perfume, etc is “easy” as a prop. To give your creativity a boost also try some more unusual props.

One is a chorus pedal so I wanted something more light and open. I wanted something a bit more edgy fitting the distortion for the other one.

In essence, with enough creativity, almost everything can be used for a great shot. Just switch your mind into storytelling mode 😉

I hope you enjoy the images 😉

Did you ever use some unusual props to train your creativity? Let me know on social media 

train your creativity with an unusual prop
Train your creativity by using unusual props like a guitar pedal with dots :)


These shots were taken during our Open House. We also made a backstage video. 

Click here fo the video of our Open House