New improved CableBlock

New CableBlock

There is a huge difference between products designed by photographers and designers.  Things that seem to work on paper are often not useful in practice. Our CableBlock is designed to solve the disadvantages of the other providers. And with the input of you as a photographer and our dealers, we upgraded to the new CableBlock. 

IQwire tether cable

IQwire Tether Cable, up to 50 feet!


Smaller: so that the battery can be changed on most cameras without removing the CableBlock
Damped: no damage to the camera or cable via 4 soft feet
Special routing: 3 different routings so you can secure both thin and thicker cables
No tools: no hassle with screwdrivers or coins, use the clip.
Bright red color: the fire red color is more than just optical. In the dark, the CableBlock is easier to mount on your tripod, which reduces the risk of incorrect mounting and damage
Compatible with Arca: fits almost all Arca-compatible systems.
Price: where alternatives often go towards 100.00, you can buy our CableBlock for only €35.00

But everything can be improved.

So today we introduce the new CableBlock

We have added 2 extra mounting holes (1/4″-20 and 3/8″) so you can attach additional accessories. Or, if you don’t have an Arca mount tripod you can attach your own mount under the CableBlock

We have also adjusted the clip slightly so that there is less chance of the clip getting stuck

The CableBlock can be ordered from us today and is included for free with our 10 and 15-meter IQWire cables

Order via our webshop or our dealers Our webshop


new cableblock with the 1/4"-20 an 3/8" hole

Same safe size, but improved compatibility

the CableBlock is included in the box of the 10 and 15 meter IQwire cables
the CableBlock is included in the box of the 10 and 15 meter IQwire cables

Check out this video on how to mount the CableBlock