A cool background and light shaper

Never thought the new #rogue umbrellas would make such an impact on my work.

We all know umbrellas. It’s the first thing we often start with. This is also probably why most people don’t like them.

But when you start using them with knowledge that’s more that when you started out 😉 it’s a super flexible light shaper.

In these shots I’m using the black #rogue umbrella with sleeve and the new “block block” backdrop from #clickpropbackdrops

Normally i would have use a large softbox (read much more expensive) for this shot. But the nice thing is that you can also totally use the umbrella as a very focussed lightsource by feathering the light. And it spreads enough for fill

The umbrella in short… Is awesome.
#iqwire #hensel #AQCOLOR #alphapro #hensellighting #calibrite #kfconcept #modelphotography #workshops

Model : felisa