2022 has been replaced by 2023.

It has been a year that will go into history but for most of us i think it’s one we would like to forget as soon as possible. So we wish you all the best for 2023 and hope that it will be a much better year than 2022.

We will continue to release videos and livestreams ofcourse but we are also always working on new things.

We now have our brand new webshop online with the complete selection from clickpropsbackdrops, rogue, iqwire and more, you can also find my brand new “speedlight magic” tutorial video there.

We also updated the agenda for 2023 at fotografie-workshops.nl with new workshops (although some have familiar names)

Also make sure to check out my brand new and upcoming classes on KelbyOne and Skillshare (different classes for each platform)

We hope you guys have a great 2023.

Frank, Annewiek and Chewie.