A visit from a vampire

Felisa during the workshop this Saturday

I’m using two #clickpropsbackdrops here to create a little set.
A stand with chandeliers and the black mist filter for the glow.

it’s a very easy to setup set. In this case a vinyl backdrop on the wall and a profabric in a 90% angle.

This immediately creates much more room to play with to tell your story. Instead of a 2 dimensional playing field (model against the background) you now have 3 dimensions to play with. Well you know what I mean. By creating a corner you can now use the set in a more creative way by for example adding a chair, chandeliers etc.

And instead of looking like it was shot in a studio you could create something a lot more real (especially with the more grungy prints). In this case we went for an almost comic book look mostly because the vinyl just bounces back that red super saturated.

Hope you enjoy the images and start building your own sets soon.