Replay of the last digital classroom

“The Photos that Inspired Me”

Frank practically grew up in the Doka of his grandparents. They were early adaptors and had advanced photo and video equipment. A lot of material has been saved and we are still working on digitalizing all the slides.

But life moved on, Frank found interest in computers and built a local computer business, together with his wife Annewiek. But when the first digital cameras were introduced, Frank was curious and started this hobby again.

Meanwhile, Frank also found a passion for teaching, and one thing led to another. He made a basic instructional video about lighting. That was picked up by a Dutch distributor, so the whole family and the computer business helped to copy discs, print covers, and distributing the first few videos. And his talents did not go unnoticed. He was asked to speak on big international shows and events and wrote a book with the help of Scott Kelby: “Mastering the Model Shoot”, in the meantime, teaching workshops on model photography worldwide.

But which pictures does Frank like himself, and which photographers inspired him? How does he get inspiration for his colorful and contrasty work?

You’ll find out in this very personal episode of the Digital Classroom

Ray’s guitar shop

As you all know I love guitars. But guitars also need maintaining, and although I can do most things myself there are always things that need to be done by an expert.

I found Ray when I needed someone to upgrade and setup my Ibanez jem777vbk and he did an amazing job. I always setup my own guitars and they always play a lot better than what a store does but this…. Is a whole other level.

After this experience I also wanted him to work on my vintage Ibanez artist series acoustic (can you spot her in the photos below?) And also this guitar now plays like a dream (close to my electrics)

Ray has now done 2 complete setups and a quick check and all 3 times I was amazed by the quality and the Passion so I thought it would be fun to take some images in this workspace.

Hope you guys enjoy these

And of course the man himself


In today’s post the results from the workshop motion and coaching with our model Shereen