Ray’s guitar shop

As you all know I love guitars. But guitars also need maintaining, and although I can do most things myself there are always things that need to be done by an expert.

I found Ray when I needed someone to upgrade and setup my Ibanez jem777vbk and he did an amazing job. I always setup my own guitars and they always play a lot better than what a store does but this…. Is a whole other level.

After this experience I also wanted him to work on my vintage Ibanez artist series acoustic (can you spot her in the photos below?) And also this guitar now plays like a dream (close to my electrics)

Ray has now done 2 complete setups and a quick check and all 3 times I was amazed by the quality and the Passion so I thought it would be fun to take some images in this workspace.

Hope you guys enjoy these

And of course the man himself