Special activities and portfolio reviews.

Because sitting at home doing nothing is not the best thing to do we have thought about some cool things to stay busy and creative.

You already can see my Livestream on photography and guitars but we also have to find some way to earn something of course. So next to the free material we are launching some online activities with much reduced prices to make it available for everyone.

Starting today you can get an awesome portfolio review from me.

Send in 2 images retouched and raw and you get tips on styling, lighting and I do a complete retouch for you. And everything will be recorded in a personal video. These videos will run between 10-30 minutes and are jam-packed with personalized tips and tricks.

So don’t wait and grab your chance.
For a limited time only you can get 2 images reviewed for 25.00 Euros. Or $27.00 us.

We also still have our 50% discount voucher “goodluck” for all my tutorials and presets via frankdoorhof.com/videos and frankdoorhof.com/presets

So stay home but don’t stop learning.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.
For the portfolio review mail to info@frankdoorhof.com