Black magic releases davinci 15

It’s no secret that black magic is quickly growing to be a serious contender for the crown of video editing.

And the bizarre thing…. Resolve is 100% free. And if you need even more… There’s also a studio version. But in all honesty the free version is probably more than enough for everyone.

I’m editing most of my vlogs and videos on premiere which on the timeline is still faster than davinci resolve 14 on my laptop. However on my desktop resolve really smokes premiere.

The main reason I love resolve is actually because it looks a lot like final cut pro which I was used to on the mac. But also because of the insanely nice way how clips work and slide under each other making editing really fast and easy.

I’ll download the new version tomorrow and start testing it. Till now I love premiere on my laptop but you’ll never know 😉 and if you need a fast editor that is free…. I honestly can’t recommend it enough.

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