April 29 USA photo update

I just uploaded the vlog on www.youtube.com/frankdoorhof

And as usual here are todays images.
Today was a special day because we visited a HUGE fleamarket and an unexpected great comic book store, plus I share some photography tips, so make sure you check out the vlog.
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Photo tips, a huge fleamarket and an awesome comic book store and some not so racing

In todays episode some handy photography tips.
We visit a HUGE fleamarket (English town) and see some cool characters, I talk about the state of the roads in the states.

Plus totally unexpected we end the day with a very cool comic book store and diner at a very special restaurant.

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April 28 New York update Brooklyn and more

Just uploaded our “Behind the closed DOORs” vlog with your questions answered while the girls went shopping, PLUS we visit the Brooklyn bridge, some cool stores and more.
Also you get to experience the NY traffic, which is INSANE.
Click on one of the tumbnails to enjoy the gallery view (much better).

Q&A and the INSANE NY traffic BTCD April 28 2017

In this episode I answer some questions while the girls are shopping for vintage clothing, we visit a really cool comic book store.

PLUS the INSANE New York traffic.
This is a jampacked episode I’m sure you’re gonna love it.
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