Brooklyn bridge, battery park and more

I just uploaded our vlog “Behind the closed DOORs” about todays “adventures”.
You can see it on our YouTube Channel
But of course with the video there also should be some images.
So here they are.
Again, these are just meant as snapshots to give you an idea about what we encounter, click on one of the tumbnails for the much nicer gallery view.


Brooklyn bridge and Battery park some tips and more BTCD April 27 2017

In todays episode we visit the Brooklyn bridge and battery park (statue of liberty) for some cool photoshoots with Nadine.

Plus we show you a bit more of New York and share some photography tips.

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Streetphotography in China town and coney island

I just uploaded todays vlog “behind the closed DOORs” on (subscribe to keep updated). In the vlog you can see we visited China town today and Coney Island. In this blogpost some of the snaps I took during our visit at both locations.
Remember these are just some snaps to give you an idea.
It’s a big overload today, but China Town is incredibly photogenic.
Click on one of the small tumbnails to open up the gallery view, which is much nicer.

Street photography tips China Town and Coney Island New York BTCD April 26 2017

In todays episode we visit China Town and Coney Island.
I share some street photography tips for you guys and of course we show you the area and some of the shoots we did with Nadine.

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If you want way more indepth street photography tips check out our Beyond snaps series on (same place as our instructional videos on modelphotography).

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