Smooth Wacom settings Windows 10 QF Ep91

I’ve already made a video about getting the Wacom to work better under Windows 10 but there were still some problems… this video solves them all.

This works for all Wacom products including mobile studio pro.
So if you have some problems like a sticky pen, gestures not working, no pressure sensitivity or tilt etc…. watch this video.

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BTCD January 30 2017

In todays episode we take the behind the closed DOORs series in a new direction, I hope you like it.

Join us during the workshop with Nadine for PF magazine, which in the end was not for PF magazine…. you have to watch the whole show 😀

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Review PenSe: magnetic iPad Pencil holder QF EP90

In this episode we show the PenSe, “the smartest Apple Pencil case on the market”. It holds your Apple Pencil including all accessories.

You can buy it at for only 59USD

Story telling tip

Photography is much more than just a pretty picture. Sometimes the most complicated setups, styling and locations cannot beat a very simple shot that actually tells a story. 
September 11th 2001 we were in America stranded and not knowing if we could get back.

 This shot for me tells the story of the way we felt when we heard our plane would go back. We were actually the first plane landing on Schiphol again.  

But this also gets a second story in today’s world. And maybe even a more sad one. 

To say it in queens words “is this the world we created….”