How to become successful in EVERYTHING BTCD December 31 2016

In this episode a tip that will/can change your life.

How to become successful in EVERYTHING.
Being it photography, your business, hobby, school whatever.
As the last tip of 2016 I thought why not go out with a big bang.

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The wedding shoot for Nadine & Johnny

Sometimes we are very lucky! Amazing model, stylist, designer and lovely friend Nadine Stephan asked us to make some wedding pictures. The wedding was wonderful. All the best to Johnny, a photographer himself and Nadine.

The Wibi Soerjadi concert BTCD December 27 28 2016

In this episode (which spans two days) we take you behind the scenes during the Christmas concert from Wibi Soerjadi.

What gear do I use and which settings
Tips for a very quick workflow in Capture One and Lightroom and DxO
Which software to use when
Tips for when shooting a concert like this
And much more….

Remember this is not an instructional video, although it’s jampacked with information, this is filmed with one camera, no fancy lighting etc. if you want the real deal visit our website at and see what we have to offer there 😀

Happy holidays

We from the team at Learning with Frank would like to wish you all great holidays and an inspiring 2017.

2016 has been a weird year with many ups and downs but also a year with much progress in what we want to achieve with our online presence. And it seems you guys love it seeing all the great interaction we get.
For 2017 we promise to make it even more interesting 😀
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In 2017 we will be doing smaller episodes of digital classroom spread out through the year, more reviews and also behind the closed DOORs will get a slightly different character but we need input from you guys there, over the xmas days it’s always a bit more relaxed with us so we have time to plan the future for learning with Frank…. so any input…. feel free to share.


We hope to see you guys again in 2017, social media etc. will be a bit more quite till than, although I will be posting some stuff of course.
Frank, Annewiek and Brian.