Sharon in a small space

One of the workshops I teach is actually called “Small spaces”
Loads of photographers “complain” about their studio being too small, and of course this is possible, but in my opinion there is always an interesting shot to get.


You might not be able to make a model jump (although that could be funny, and painful) but there is always a option. So this workshop is all about working in tight spaces and this means smaller modifiers (often just a beauty dish) with grids to make sure the light hits only the places you want it to, and of course we have to adjust the models poses a bit.
Remember also that tight/small spaces can actually be incredibly cool if you let your model pose with them, for example lean in between two walls, make her look “locked up” etc. when you come to think about it shooting in small spaces can be much more interesting than shooting in wide open spaces 😀


Today some images from this workshop with Sharon.

Sharon Januari 8 2016 30877

Sharon Januari 8 2016 30880

Sharon Januari 8 2016 30890

Sharon Januari 8 2016 30907

Sharon Januari 8 2016 30912

As you can see sometimes you have to think outside the box… but in the case of small spaces it can help to think inside the box 😀


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