UK workshops day 1 : Nadine Pt II “Alice in….”

With Nadine and me you never know what you’re gonna get, and the fun thing is…. well that we also don’t know.


One of the topics I always give a lot of attention to during photoshoots and workshops is styling and planning, this is a vital part of every successful photoshoot but often totally overlooked. When you’re open for it and think fast (and are a bit lucky) you can get some stunning shots that look like they were totally planned while in reality they were totally spontaneous, just like these images.


Nadine and me saw these carrot tops in the grass and thought it would be cool to use these, we asked the people who made them if they had some more props… and they did, while I was shooting a set with Lenaa and the students Nadine came up with the following.


As you can see, some shots need a lot of planning ahead, but if you’re a good team (and creative) you can do some pretty cool stuff on the spot.


Nadine Juli 9 2015   0065

Nadine Juli 9 2015   0079

Nadine Juli 9 2015   0091


Manon during a workshop

Today some images from Manon which were shot during a studio workshop.
See for our complete program (Dutch and English)

Manon Juli 4  2015   0072

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UK workshops day 1 : Nadine Pt I

Today some of the images we shot with Nadine during the first workshop day in the UK.
The topic for this set was shooting strobes to overcome the contrast difference between shadow and sun without that it looks like strobes were used.


Camera : A7r with Leica R glass
Model/Styling : Nadine

Nadine Juli 9 2015   0021

Nadine Juli 9 2015   0028

Nadine Juli 9 2015   0046


UK workshops day 1 : Lenaa Pt I

Today some images from the first set we shot with Lenaa during the UK workshop tour.
Location St. Albans.


Model : Lenaa
Styling : Nadine

Lenaa Juli 9 2015   0036

Lenaa Juli 9 2015   0057

Lenaa Juli 9 2015   0074

Lenaa Juli 9 2015   0077