Between two walls and different lights

In these shots you can see our model Anna Matthea between two walls……. you say what?


In our studio we use different kind of backgrounds, mostly the studio walls are painted in special structures and colors to function as backgrounds, but we also have several “movable” walls. In this shot we used two of these walls in a very steep angle and let Anna Matthea pose between them.


Lighting setup was very simple…. just a single 100W lightbulb, nothing more.

Anna Matthea February 14 2015 0366

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Ultimate workshop results Ice Light

Today some results from the setup we did with the Westcott Ice Light.
I love to use the Ice Light (with barndoors) to show how light behaves and how you can control the light, instead of letting the light control you.


All shot with the Sony A7R.
As you can see you can really pinpoint the light with the barndoors to make it do exactly what you want.

Lenaa February 21 2015 2134

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Ultimate workshop results Pt 2

The ultimate workshop weekend is one of the most intense workshops I teach.
The days are literally filled with so much information that we sometimes have to stop to let everyone cool down 🙂
During the workshops I try to teach as many techniques as possible to the group and actually let the group determine which route we take, this makes it not only a very intense workshop for the group but also for me and the models because we really don’t know what to expect.


Today some results from the final sets with Lenaa.
A very simple setup with a white background and what happens when you switch the two backlights off.

Lenaa February 21 2015 28105

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Lenaa in wonderland…..

During the Ultimate workshop weekends we always try to do some stuff that nobody expects.
This time we added a little story telling with some more “extreme” photoshop work…. well for me, I normally don’t do these kind of looks.


For the editing I used Topaz glow (see our discount page for a cool discount on Topaz products)


Many thanks to our models :
The Bunny, Alice and the Queen of hearts AKA Chaim, Lenaa and Christa
Dresses by Nadine and Sinister.

Lenaa February 21 2015 28085

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