Mount Teide at night

Today some of the images I shot during the night part of our trip up mount Teide.


Now this was way out of my comfort zone to be honest, for the simple reason I never actually do this kind of shots, I’m always planning to do it but somehow it never happens so being able to do it now in such a wonderful location was actually a real treat so I hope you guys like the shots too.


Shot with the Sony A7r from the new Benro Tripod.
The nightsshots were all done on long exposure settings, because it was pitch black it’s a small problem to focus but thanks to the EVF in the Sony’s this actually was easier than expected (another big plus for the EVF :-))

Tenerife A7r  (349) - February 04, 2015_HDR 1

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On top of the mountain

The second day in Tenerife we took a guided tour to the volcano Teide.
Loads of people advised it to us so it had to be good right?
Well after the submarine I have to be honest I was in doubt…. but…. this is something I can really advise to people this was one magical tour.


So today some images from this trip.


The bus actually stopped on a few very cool places with nice overviews and especially the moment you drive through the clouds is something that is really cool to experience. Tomorrow some images from the night part.

Tenerife A7r  (524) February 03, 2015

Tenerife A7r  (575) February 04, 2015

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Results second day of PTO workshops Tenerife

Today the results from the second day of the workshops in Tenerife for PTO.


Model : Yvonne
Clothing : Sinister, Yvonne and Nadine


Yvonne Michielsen Februari 1 2014 0039

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Yellow submarine

During one of the free days it seemed us cool to visit a submarine for an undersea adventure, and an adventure it was……pfff
I’m pretty easily carsick when tired but as heavy as this time I never experienced it, somehow they don’t know how the clutch works in those busses and I think the driver just found out he had breaks and decided to play with them all the time….. as you can imagine I arrived rather green at the yellow submarine.


Luckily we had our buddy Glyn Dewis with us so he could Photoshop me pink again….


The submarine safari was ok, got to see some nice fish but to be honest taking in account the 5 hour travels in total and the 45 minutes under water…. well we still have the photos let me put it that way.

Tenerife A7r  (85) February 03, 2015

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