Videoclip “IKKE OOK”

Probably something you might or might not know, but I’ve also been trying out filming some videoclips and I just got the word that the track “IKKE OOK” now has officially been released.


This is actually one of three clips we have shot and in this one the editing is a bit more “active” 🙂



Small flash workshop Santa Cruz

Today some images from the Small flash workshop I taught in Santa Cruz.
As you might know I use the Rogue flashbender products a lot and over the last few years we have been become close friends to the team at Expoimaging, which resulted in the invite to visit their headoffice in Santa Cruz after PhotoShopWorld and if possible teach a workshop there. Working with small flash on location is something I love to do and teaching a workshop with only small flash is without a doubt not only fun but also a challenge, especially in the bright sun as you can find in California, this is not helped by the fact that I will often limited myself to just using 2 strobes because not all attendees will be able to afford 10-20 strobes. In other words one has to be creative 🙂


When I teach a workshop on location I always choose for smaller groups, this way it’s easier to give attention to the questions from the attendees and it has less chance of becoming just a “shooting zoo” which I think is a waste of time, when you attend a workshop it’s about the learning process right?


As always I started out with a Q&A session in which the attendees can ask whatever they want, this is actually always a fun and most of all a very informative part of the workshop because there always is a mix of technical and business like questions, plus I can really go into the questions the students have at this point instead of doing something that is “standard”. After the Q&A it was time to leave for our location shoot…. the Beach.


For this workshop we managed to find two stunning models which really complemented each other (something that not always happens).
The first setup was a mix of natural light and strobes, meaning that I started out with natural light and later on added the strobes.


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Final images USA

Today some of the left over images from our stay in the US in September.
And of course some tips which you maybe can use for your own photography.

September 2 2013  (395 of 399)-Edit

At the end of each day the sun goes down (duh), and of course we’re not always in an area where we can make stunning sunset shots, however you can “fake” it a little bit. In this case we were next to a restaurant where we just had diner, the sun went down and created a nice shadow play with the trees as you can see here, by underexposing the scene by about 2 stops I created this image that actually hides the area we were in thanks to the composition but also creates a much more intense look by the underexposure than it was in real life.

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San Francisco

One of the cities I always wanted to visit was San Francisco, the amazing roads you see in so many movies, the beautiful skyline etc. Now we never really have a lot of time during our trips, but we did manage to squeeze in one day for San Francisco. Hope you enjoy the images.

September 10 2013 San Fransisco  (1 of 717)-Edit

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