Ooh that hair

We all have it,…. well at least most of the models 🙂
But what to do with it?
Some will just put in a ponytail, others will let it hang, some will color it etc.
But we as photographers can be much more creative of course…..
The following images were shot during the Studio Technique I workshop from last week with our new model Loes (this was her first workshop) and I just decided to let her play a bit with her hair. We started out simple.

Loes April 5 2013- April 05, 2013 - 61-EditNow I have to be honest, this is already one of my favorite shots, but when she started to play more…. well you will see what I mean.

Loes April 5 2013- April 05, 2013 - 66-Edit

Now this (and the next also) might not be the kind of shots that you sell to your clients if you shoot let’s say a family series, but I strongly believe that you also have to let out your creativity from time to time (to be honest every day) because that’s what makes photography interesting. And you will never know if a client is capture by the shot and actually buys it as large print as an art piece……

Loes April 5 2013- April 05, 2013 - 76-EditAnd finally one of my favorite things to do… add a little bit of motion.