Some more images from our US trip

Today an album with some more “streetstyle photography” images from our strip to the USA.
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Now a lot of people ask me how I became interested in street photography.
Well indeed it’s a bit different from the fashion work we do, but I think it also has a lot of similarities, in my street photography I always try to get the story, the feeling, the tension or movement, Jay Maisel for example calls it Gesture, I call it…. well after hearing that also Gesture 😀 (who can argue with Jay right?)


Finding that special thing, that special feeling is something that I try to do in both my fashion work and streetphotography, in my opinion that’s what sets the snapshot apart from the street photography. Now let me make clear that I only do streetphotography as a hobby and no way claim to be a pro at it, however over time I did find some things that I think can be very interesting for someone starting out with this kind of photography.


One of the most asked questions is always “Where to go?”
Well if you live in a city like New York that’s not hard, it’s a circus coming into town 24/7/365 it’s just not fair, but if you live somewhere else (like most people) some cool places are always close, let’s for example look at some images I took at a standard flea market.

April 12 2013  (6 of 53)-Edit

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Today a few images from a session we did for Susan.
These are examples of the kind of shots we deliver to families that do their photoshoots with us.
In this case we asked Susan if she wanted to model for us so who knows you will see more of her in the future.

Susan Bouwhuis Maart 28-1570-Edit

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HDR and light painted heaven

During our stay in Odessa our good friend Kathy arranged this amazing cabin for us to relax in and spend some time with the local strobist group. Of course I needed to do some shoots from the property which in my opinion is awesome. The shots you see here are a mix of HDR and my very first (ever) experiment with light painting, and man did I loved doing it, it’s like getting a christmas present, you never know what you’re exactly getting. So enjoy the images.

April 20 2013 (118 of 170)_HDR

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