Now normally I’m always positive on my blog and I will share fun stuff or interesting stuff, actually you will never really hear me “Bitch” about something, but what happened a few hours ago I just have to share because this is like the rudest thing ever. It all happened at this restaurant “Doner Kebab” at the Heumarkt in Koln.

Imagine this, and I really tell you this is 100% true.
Close to our hotel there are some restaurants and yesterday we took our friends from Expoimaging out to eat to a Chinese restaurant and as you know how those things go, you eat and you talk a bit, no problem… right ?


So today I was with our friend Hector from DXO at the Doner Kebab store near our hotel.
Annewiek, me and Hector, they had some nice seats outside (lots of them) and we sat down and ate, because it was more than fun we decided to keep sitting and ordered some beers and cokes, after the beers we ordered some more, in the mean time Annewiek left us to get something from the hotel. And now pay attention (because you’re not gonna believe this), Hector literally  took his LAST zip of his beer and at the MOMENT it hit the table a waiter was with us and asked us if we wanted something more to drink, because Annewiek was not back yet we answered “No not now, we wait a little”.


The answer we got really got me “confused”.
“Then you leave”
“You say what ?”
“we’re a restaurant, not a sitting place, go sit in the square there are plenty of spaces”
“Well….. what ? you’re kidding right”
“You can’t sit here for an hour and no drinks”
“Dude we had diner with 3 people (and not the cheapest on the menu), we had 6 drinks and we’re waiting for my wife”
“No drinks you leave…. now”


As easy going as we are we just moved to the square.
However somehow this bugged me, in fact we did wanted to order more but wanted to wait for Annewiek, and when we were send away the seating area was only for 25% filled up, I would say, the more people you have sitting in your area the better it looks for other people. When we left it was almost empty (maybe 5-6 people left).


I have to be honest, I went back inside and tried to communicate with the guy.
“listen, we had diner, and 6 drinks in 45 minutes, how can you send us away, we’re paying customers”
“No, you go, we not a sitting place, you drink you stay, other wise sit somewhere else”
“Yeah, no sitting for an hour without drink”
“Dude again, we had drinks, my friend just took his last zip and you started harassing us (I don’t think he knew that word”
Waiter waving hands and sending us away.


Well at least I made my point 😀
And two other guests who were ready to order left….. plenty of restaurants left.
Now we are people that when we like something we come back, and we’re here till monday night and taking friends out to diner every night…… I think we will hit the Chinese place again they were fun and nice…….


Did you ever experience something that RUDE ?
Again I’ve had some shitty service in some places and will never use my blog to say something about it, but this really had me flabbergasted.


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  1. Josh Levinson
    Josh Levinson says:

    It always amazes me how bloody stupid some business owners can be. Behaving like this does absolutely nothing for their business except to hurt it!

  2. Aaron_K
    Aaron_K says:

    Wow. Unbelievable! If I remember rightly, the word for people like this in German is “Arschloche”. ( I last did German at school 20 years ago so the spelling might be incorrect but, you get the idea lol)

  3. EeroM
    EeroM says:

    That is very rude, never had that happen, not that I have been to sit down restaurants much in the last few years. I mainly go to fast food places now and I do sit sometimes for hours and they don’t toss me out even when they have sign that says something like 30-45 mins per stay.

    I guess they don’t know who you are 🙂

    I would never go back to a place like that and would also tell my 2 friends not to either.

    Do they have sitting limit sign posted in the place?

  4. Mark Alderson
    Mark Alderson says:

    Very strange Frank. As an American that lives in Germany for 5 years, my complaint as a customer was getting someone to bring me the bill, they were always content with us just sitting around. Must be the new Germany, very rude indeed!

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      Normally they do try to keep you longer. When a place is packed it normally means, good food, fresh food. When it’s empty. Not so good

      So keep customers in.

  5. JorgeV
    JorgeV says:

    Are you talking about beasts ? I do not really pay attention. But thank you anyway for the information.

  6. Fred
    Fred says:

    Frank; it is good that you have a channel through which to tell people about this kind of disservice. I tell you, here in Los Angeles there are so many places to eat that rude service will destroy a restaurant in no time.

  7. Fidel
    Fidel says:

    Frank, Do you know that there are several studies in USA that tell the restaurants owner what chairs to get. Customer will be ok for 30-40 minutes, but after that the seat becomes uncomfortable and that makes you leave. I am a new American, and I am use to have a nice chat after a meal, have some drinks and stay at the restaurant. That is NOT the norm in USA, but it is NOT all the restaurants, because some are oriented to romantic dinners and they are different (very expensive). Nobody talks with each other in USA, you will see couples sitting and one of them is on the cell phone all the time and they don’t exchange any word, that reinforces the need to leave, good for the restaurants.
    Owners have studies to show how long a table must be occupied per customer to give profit, that is why some restaurants give you the receipt in some places, even before you finish eating.
    Sorry, you have to experience that, but that is more the norm than not, This waiter was one of the worsts, but the manager or owner should have tell him/her something so he/she went to your table to kick you out. The owner was behind that.

  8. Adam
    Adam says:

    WOW! Unbelievable. In Japan we can come and order just drink and then spend hours and nobody kicks you out. By the way, Japan has the best customer service in world. Every foreign resident tells you this. Many students here take a nap in cafes or MacDonalds. People comes to convenient stores and read magazines instead of buying it. Nobody tell them “get out off here, it`s not library”. I sometimes work outside on my laptop and I do this usually in restaurant. I order my lunch and coffee, then I spend like 2,3h working without any additional order. Staff comes from time to time just pour more water to my glass. Water is free and everyone who only step into any restaurant here and sit down is served a water straight away. I hope the place you went was exception, not normal. Good Luck

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