Glyn Dewis and Frank Doorhof

You really don’t want to miss this one (trust me).

I will team up with Glyn for two amazing workshops on the 26th and 27th of August in our studio in Emmeloord (the Netherlands). Glyn will show you a lot of tips and tricks to create stunning new pieces for your portfolio and I will chimp in of course with tips and tricks on shooting it. The workshops are flexible meaning you can ask whatever you want and if we can answer (and that chance is rather big) we will.

Also the 25th I will be teaching a “solo” workshop in English with loads of information about using the light meter, color checkers, coaching the model, adding motion to a shot to make a better fashion shot, working with creative backgrounds, using direction of light, creating stunning fashion shots with 1-2 lights and much much more.         And Glyn will be sitting in the back throwing peanuts 😀


Pricing in euros
Pricing for the 25th  199.00
Pricing for the 26th & 27th 235.00 (per day)
This is including a small lunch and as much as you can drink.
Book quickly, we are now officially starting the promotion and the workshops are already half full.


We are working on a hotel deal and restaurant for the evenings, so for more information mail me at
The model for the 26-27th will be +MC Nadine stephan one of the best stylists and models I know, so this will absolutely rock!!!


CU soon.

Workshops at Photoconvention in Austria

I will be teaching several workshops on the 18th and 19th of July (and hang out for meet and greets) at the in Austria the workshops are taught in a stunning location (castle) and are real “no secrets left behind” kind of experiences.

You really don’t want to miss this.
Limited seating is still available.
The convention takes place from July 17th-21th
Other photographers teaching :
Ondro Ovesny, Stefan Dokoupil, Krolop & Gerst, Gary Milano, Martin Wieland, Andi Kunar

Who needs expensive lights

You know….. sometimes we are so caught up in our work that we forget to think about how things can be different. We as humans are “beasts of habit” meaning that we will figure something out, and if that something works really well for us we will always get back to that. And we photographers… well sorry to say it…. we are also that way.


That’s why sometimes it’s so incredibly important to make sure that you do a what I call “hard reset” and don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you guys (and girls) to bang your head against the wall until you pass out and wake up, so please don’t do that. What I do mean is that you should sometimes literally just pull the plug out of your strobes, put everything aside that has anything to do with “studio technique” and get back to the basics. Learn how to “see the light” but most of all “to understand the light”. And there is hardly any better tool to do this than the good old fashioned (and oops indeed it’s old fashioned, we stocked up on some because over here they are not sold anymore in the higher watts) lightbulb.


During the glamour workshop I will often grab my lighbulb fixture, it was the most bare bone fixture I could buy, and hang it from a boom stand, tell the students “this is the new setup” and watch how their jaws drop and their expressions go like “the what, the who, are you nuts”….. well yes and no (but you already know that). No really…. a lightbulb when used the right way is one of the most awesome light sources there is. So in this blog post some explanation and images from that simple lightbulb session….

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Time for some water

Today some shots I did with Lisa last week.
The nice thing about the location of our studio is that we are very close to some nice locations to shoot both inside and outside, these were shot at the “castelijnse plas” not 5 minutes from our studio.

This image and the following were shot with the Elinchrom Ranger RX speed with a grid and reflector attached.

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