Compositing with Nadine

Last Saturday it was time again for the new Advanced II workshop.
This workshop has recently been changed to a workshop with compositing as theme. During the workshop the students first get a 2 hour theory part about inspiration and getting shot, during this part the model gets ready for the first set. During the workshop there are app. 3 sets. After each set the model changes and in that time I show the group how to make the final images you see in this post. I do put myself up to a limit of 20 minutes per shot, so some images can look a bit rushed in some areas, but do remember they where shot during a workshop.

In this blog post some small information about how to make a quick composite.

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Some more classical Marie

Today the final selection of images we shot last week during several days with Marie and some classical dresses.

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Eat Cake

During the first DSLR video workshop held on Saturday Marie was out model. She was doing three workshops in a row and you have already seen some of the beautiful dresses she was using in the images shot during the first workshop (and more tomorrow), but today I want to show you one scene we shot during the DSLR video for beginners workshop.


During this new workshop (this was the first time for me) we do several video shoots in the morning. In this case an outside shoot, interview style, blue screen and we decided to do one fun idea Marie had during lunch. All videos are actually not meant for production but are just used to show the different techniques and give me material to demonstrate Adobe Premiere editing after lunch. It’s a jam-packed workshop by the way, maybe one of the most intense I teach but I loved it.


During the workshop I give tips about :
Using gear like Edelkrone shoulder rigs, Small HD monitors, Glidecam use
But also software tricks to combine multicam recordings with Plural eyes and Premiere, do chroma key within Premiere, use Red Giant looks for unique looks to the material, adding music with Sonic fire and much much more…. including of course how to light, film etc. Although it’s a beginners course there still is a lot of information in it that can also help for small productions like videoclips, interview clips etc.

Marie brought some cake and because she was also wearing some Marie Antoinette like dresses she thought it would be fun to give her twist on the famous expression “let them eat cake”…. well here it is. Do remember this is just shot in between the workshop and edited during the workshop.


Yesterday I talked about the guestbook and I mentioned we are putting polaroids into the book, well today I will give you a second tip in the form of a mini review of the new Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera

Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera

The Z340 is a new Polaroid camera with a twist.
The moment I saw the news of it’s release I wanted to own one, and of course not for the great image quality, well ok it has a 14 MP sensor, and it’s ISO goes to a reasonable height and it shoots video. But you buy the Polaroid for something else. Well at least when you love the old form of the Polaroids and I do. It’s just fun to hold a camera with a build in strobe, aim it at your subject, press a shutter and hold the image in your hands in less than a minute.

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