Glamour with Floor

Today some of my favorite shots from last weeks glamour workshop with Floor.

Do remember that some of these images contain lingerie and might not be always safe for work areas.


The workshop
Without a doubt the advanced series of workshops in the advanced series and glamour are always the most interesting in the practice part for me to teach, as with all the workshops I will always try to change the themes and material taught during the year to make the workshops interested for several visits.
Today I played with the group to get some accessories into the shot which were maybe not 100% glamour, but they had to try to make the images glamour with those accessories, this might sound easy when you see my shots, but trust me this is one of the hardest things you can do. Of course there is also a lot of attention for technique on lighting and metering scenes with deep shadows. But without keeping you reading too much, here are my favorite shots from the workshop.