Overview of 2011

At the end of the year it’s always nice (and sometimes not) to look back at the year and what happened.
So because today is the last day of the year I will also try to look back at 2011 and what moved me in highs and lows.

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Products of 2011

I already gave you my products I love for the holidays but today some of the products that I found this year and fell in love with, the list is not that long but I think you will find some products that you will also love and can’t live without….

ExpoImaging Rogue Diffusion Panel (Large)

Not really a surprise when you read this blog regularly. We found the Expoimaging products by accident when a local dealer send me a test package, and to be honest when I tested them the only thing that hit me was…. “wow, if you would describe the perfect product, this would be it” At the moment we have several flash benders in different sizes and I love them all, the bigger ones are great for portrait work or lighting a small group, the smaller ones are wonderful when you need a big of diffusion but still want some edge to the light.

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Anja glamour

Glamour workshops are always special.
It’s one of the advanced workshops I teach, so there is a lot of room to play around with lights, poses, expressions etc. in other words the workshop has a very wide array of possibilities to play around. And when Anja is the model there is always a lot of fun which enhances the images of course.

But the most I just love to play with light.
Here I used the Elinchrom 9.5″ Wide Angle Reflector for Elinchrom, this is really a reflector everyone should own, it’s very cheap and it’s the best reflector to light a white background, but also rocks to create effects like this with lens flares. On the subject of using lens flares, I’m a big advocate to not create them in Photoshop but really try to shoot them “live”, this image is shot that way and for me the effect is much more convincing than when you just add a lens flare in Photoshop.

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Wibi live shots

Every year Wibi Soerjadi gives several christmas concerts throughout the Netherlands, this year was very special because it was his 30 year celebration as a pro musician, and of course right after the release of his new CD. The christmas concerts are always great and something I love to visit. This year we choose the Concert gebouw in Amsterdam, an awesome location for a concert like this. Normally photography is strictly forbidden during a classical concert but I have certain privileges with Wibi and he asked me to make some impressions of the concert which I loved to do of course.

Wibi after the awesome Queen transcription

The first part of the concert I was located at the balcony seats and was able to shoot a few images from there (best place in the house :D)

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