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Sometimes images just jump out to you. Sometimes I will find those images just by browsing the web, but sometimes I will also find them because someone asks me a questions, most of the times I will also quickly look at the site of that person and I also did with Martin Cormier, and as you can see for yourself I was blown away by his images, so I had to ask Martin over to the blog for a guestblog, I’m sure you will love it. So here he is……. Martin Cormier.

My viewfinder

By: Martin Cormier

I’m constantly chasing the dream through compositions and f-stops.
Pointing the light at the many roads in front of me. Aiming lights at my thoughts, my visions, my existence, my way of life. Sailing out on avoyage of discovery. Freezing my every move. Breathing and soaking it all in. Pursuing and living every waking moment like it’s my last picture.


No shutter speed is fast enough to capture the wonderful journey of being a photographer. Each and every photograph lives and sleeps in the present. My job is to make them come alive, to make them sing. To be heard and to have a voice.


When you insert your heart in your craft, the world opens itself. Life reveals its true colours. Leaving traces of the unknown. A map that only you alone can follow. Listen closely to what your heart desires. Your imagination will soar with you to higher grounds. Leaving your photographic eyes nourished with wonderful opportunities.


Photography is about connecting all the dots of human emotions and situations. Learn how to see through the viewfinder within. That is where the fuel lies. Inspiration leads to invitations of what may come. Follow your intuitions at all times. Be there and be ready. Soon the light will shine on your dreams. Reflecting through the passage of a photograph. Looking back at you, like a mirror of what you have become.


Every moment needs a home.
Go out and make it your own.

Thank you Frank for inviting me to be the guest blogger. It is quite an honor. I’m truly grateful to be here!
If you would like to see more of my work , please feel free to visit:



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