Workshop images Tani Mari

The following shots were taken during the Studio Technique I workshop last Friday.
Model : Tani Mara.
As usual I will also list the gear used 😀

We started out with a very simple setup explaining the way light behaves. In this case the Elinchrom Deep Octa with the lighttools grid. The main thing about this setup is to show the different uses of one lightsource by moving around the model and watching the light fall off.
The portrait you see as the first image in this post was shot the same way, but from a different position.

For the next setup it was time to work with a white background.
By proper measuring you can setup an image like this in a few seconds, the main advantage of measuring it correctly is that you will keep all details in the hairs and you can have a very nice shadow side. A lof photographers are shooting white backgrounds too hot which result in a loss of detail in the hairs and lens-flare which will destroy all nice deep shadows, and in some instances it will even act as accent lights or main light source because the background gives back way too much light. I’m a big advocate for using a lightmeter with a spot option, with these meters you can very easily measure all kinds of backgrounds and calculate to any “brightness” you want.
I’m using a Sekonic L758 for this but you could also look for a used Sekonic 558 which also has the spot option. Personally I would not buy a light meter that has a wider spot, often recognised by not having the  tool to look through for the spot metering. With the wider spots you can’t really measure over the shoulder of the model to make sure that those areas are not too dark or too bright, I know those meters are a lot cheaper but the light meter will survive your glass and bodies, if you buy a good one you will probably never have to upgrade it, and it immensely helps you setting up light.

The background was lit by two Elinchrom strobes with the wide reflectors (highly recommended for this work), for the main light I used the Deep Octa. When shooting the image the original idea was to make it black and white, but when seeing the image in color I doubted a lot so I decided to post both on Twitter and also there there was no definite answer, so here is the color version, feel free to give your opinion….. for me personally it’s the color version I think.

For the next shots I used the 1.90 Octa from Elinchrom this is a great light modifier and gives you a lot of options in light setups. I love to use it for full bodies, like you can see in the following images.

But I also love to just place my model close to the material and work with it like this.

It’s one of the most versatile light sources I know off, including the Deep Octa which is even more versatile of course 😀
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